School Orientation Program and Time Table

The below links are the Coursework/Mix Mode Programmes briefing/orientation and timetable for March 2021 intake.

*School/Centre/Institute with Blended Learning or Face to Face will require students to be on-campus.

Schools/Centres/Institutes Orientation / Programme Briefing Programme Timetable  

  School of Chemical Sciences (Blended Learning)

Master of Chemical Instrumentation



Click here


  School of Civil Engineering

Master of Science (Environmental Engineering)

Master of Science (Fire Safety Engineering)

       (Not Applicable)

  Click here

  Click Here


  School of Communication (Online Learning)

Master of Arts (Communication)

Master of Communication (Integrated Marketing Communication)





Click here

Click here

  School of Computer Sciences (Online Learning)      https://bit.ly/csusm2021        Click here  
  School of Dental Sciences      http://tiny.cc/52xjsz        Click here  

  School of Educational Studies (Online Learning)

        Doctor of Education

Master of Arts (Education) – Mixed Mode

   Master in Counselling

Master of Education (Offshore)







          Click here

Click here

Click here

Click here (Politeknik SP) (Kuching) (Besut)

  School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Face to Face Learning)      http://tiny.cc/6m4ksz        Click here  

  School of Health Sciences

Master of Science (Biomedicine)

   Master of Science (Forensic Science)





       Click here

       Click here

  School of Housing, Building and Planning (Blended Learning)      https://bit.ly/3abwK2Z        Click here  

  School of Humanities (Online Learning)

     Master of Arts (Hadith)

     Master of Arts (Literature)

Master of Arts (Linguistics and English Language Studies)

Master of Arts (Southeast Asian History)

Master of Science (Sustainable Cities and Communities)







       Click here  

  School of Industrial Technology (Blended Learning)

Master of Science (Environmental Sciences)

     Click Here        Click here  
  School of Languages, Literacies and Translation (Online Learning)      https://bit.ly/31n9wTI
       Click here  

  School of Management (Online Learning)

Master of Business Analytics

 Master in Global Islamic Finance

         Master of Management (Global Islamic Finance)





Click here

Click here

          Click here

  School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering      https://bit.ly/38WkwL7                           (Not Applicable)        Click here  
  School of Mathematical Sciences (Online Learning)      https://bit.ly/30hElse (TBA)        Click here  

  School of Medical Sciences

Doctor of Public Health (Epidemiology)

Doctor of Public Health (Environmental Health and Occupational)

Doctor of Public Health (Family Health)

Doctor of Public Health (Health System Management)

Master of Public Health

Master of Science (Clinical Anatomy)

Master of Science (Medical Education)

Master of Cognitive Neurosciences

Master of Clinical Psychology

Master of Science (Medical Statistic)












       Click Here

       Click Here

       Click Here

       Click Here

       Click Here

       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

       Click Here

        Click here

  School of Pharmaceutical Sciences      https://bit.ly/2Wq4y72        Click here  

  School of Physics (Blended Learning)

Master of Science (Radiation Science)

Master of Science (Applied Geophysics)

Master of Science (Solid State Physics) Dual Degree

Master of Science (Solid State Physics)

Master of Science (Medical Physics)




     https://bit.ly/3fDxWyb                      (Not Applicable)




       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

  School of Social Sciences      https://bit.ly/3h4HN04        Click here  

  Advanced Medical and Dental Institute

Master of Science (Clinical Exercise Science)

  Master of Science (Health Toxicology)

         Master of Science (Medical Research)

  Master of Science (Transfusion Science)







       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

       Click here


  Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (Online Learning)

Masters in Sustainable Development Practice

     https://bit.ly/2OK9ejQ        Click here  

  Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia (Blended Learning)

Master of Instructional Multimedia

     http://tiny.cc/9a7isz        Click here  

  Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (Online Learning) 

Master of Social Science (Islamic Development Management)

     https://bit.ly/3j4Ury5        Click here  

  Collabrative Microelectronic Design Exellence Centre (Blended Learning)

Master of Science (Microelectronic Engineering)

     https://bit.ly/2C2XUwx        Click here  

  Graduate School of Business (Online Learning)

  Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Master of Business Administration (e-MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Innovation Management Specialisation (MBA)



       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

       Click here

  Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine      https://bit.ly/3jg5K6O        Click here  
  Institute of Nano-Optoelectronics Research and Technology (Online Learning)      https://youtu.be/1_XkbQ9uxcA        Click here  
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