Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Research Mode Programme

Compliance of the entire following is necessary for graduation:

  • Adhere to all Rules and Regulations of the graduate degree programme
  • Fulfill the minimum duration of candidature.
  • Pass the pre-requisite courses (if any) as determined by the School/Centre/Unit.
  • Settle all outstanding fees (if any)

Coursework & Mixed Mode Programme

A graduate student of USM must full fill the following requirements for purposes of graduation.

  • Pass all core and elective courses and also other pre-requisite courses determined by the respective School/Centre;
  • Pass the dissertation (for mixed-mode programme);
  • Pass the research project (for coursework mode programme). Obtain at least a CGPA of 3.00 (for the Masters programme) and a CGPA of 3.00 (for the PhD programme); and
  • M.Med student must pass all 3 Professional examination and satisfactory mini thesis
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