Exam - Coursework & Mixed Mode Programme

Coursework Mode and Mixed Mode Programme

  • Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester, i.e. at the end of Semesters I, II and III (for programmes which have a 3rd semester).
  • Examination slips are required for admission into the Examination Hall.
  • Examination slips can be collected from IPS. Collection of examination slips will only be allowed for those who have settled their fees.
  • It is the responsibility of a student to comply with and to be present at the Examination Hall during the stipulated time, date and place of the examination.
  • In cases of an emergency, where a student is unable to sit for any examination, he/she is required to immediately notify the Examination Unit in writing. Medical certificates must accompany this notification
  • Students must comply with all academic requirements (for lectures, tutorials, practical, etc) in order to qualify to sit for the examinations.
  • The examination process is based on the principle of continuous assessment that comprises the coursework and the written examination components. The coursework component can be based on participation in tutorials, tests, essays, project work, studio work, fieldwork, etc.

Grading System

  • Performance is assessed according to the examination grading method, which is the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) based on the scale below :-
 Grade  Points  Comments
 A  4.00       


 A-  3.67
 B+  3.33
 B  3.00
 B-  2.67
 C+  2.33
  • The CGPA is the scale used to assess a student’s academic achievement throughout the duration of candidature.

Evaluation System

  • The passing grade for all coursework and mixed-mode degree programmes is Grade C+.
  • Courses that are graded as follows will not be taken into account in the calculation of the GPA & CGPA
    • TL (incomplete)
    • DK (with permission)
    • P/F (Dissertation)
    • Course with type Y & Z
  • Dissertation course will be taken into consideration for graduation and will be awarded a PASS/FAIL grade (for mixed-mode programme).
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