Coursework And Mixed Mode Programme

Candidature Matters

Coursework and Mixed Mode Programme

Duration of Candidature

The duration for a remedial programme, which involves pre-requisite courses prior to commencing graduate studies, is a maximum of two (2) semesters.

A student registered for a Masters or PhD degree must fulfill the duration of candidature as follows:

Masters Degree
Full time

  • Minimum 12 months
  • Maximum 24 months

Part time

  • Minimum 24 months
  • Maximum 48 months

Full time only

  • Minimum 48 months
  • Maximum 84 months

PhD (Clinical Pharmacy)
Full time

  • Minimum 36 months
  • Maximum 60 months

Renewal of registration and course(s) registration

It is the responsibility of a student to renew his/her registration every semester and make payment of tuition fees within the renewal registration period.

Web-based course registration must be done at the Healthy Campus portal ( before the beginning of each semester.

Full–time students must register for at least two (2) courses each semester. Part-time students are required to register for at least one (1) course each semester (excluding projects/dissertations/repeating courses). It is not applicable for M.Med students.

Each course registered must be indicated by one of the following codes (not applicable for M.Med students) :
T = Core Courses
E = Elective Courses
Z = Language Courses / Pre-requisite Courses

If an active student fails to renew his/her registration, a show-cause letter will be issued. A candidate is given two weeks to respond to the show-cause letter failing which USM will initiate that:

  • the candidature be terminated
  • a penalty of RM200 will be charged (subject to permission granted for late registration).

Late registration will be permitted only under special circumstances and subject to the approval of the Dean/Director/Deputy Dean of the respective School/Centre. Late registration is only permitted for a period of two (2) weeks after the specified registration dates. Beyond that all applications for late registration will be referred to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs) for approval. A late registration fee of RM200 will be imposed in all cases.

Courses Registration

Unit exemption
Application for unit exemption must be made within the first three (3) weeks of the semester. The relevant form is available at the respective School/Centre and approval of the Dean/Director must be obtained.

Pre-requisite Courses/Bahasa Malaysia
The Bahasa Malaysia 1 (LKM 100) course is compulsory for all foreign students and must be taken and passed prior to graduation. The passing grade is C+. Registration for this course can be made at the School of Languages, Literacies and Translation .

Registration of all pre-requisite courses (where applicable) other than LKM100 will be done within the first week of the semester.

Pre-requisite forms are available at IPS or can be downloaded from this website

To add courses

  • Courses can be added within the first two (2) weeks of the semester.

To drop courses

  • Courses can be dropped up to the sixth (6) week when semester begins.
  • Tuition and examination fees will be credited into the students account for the following semester if the courses are dropped within the first two (2) weeks of the semester.
  • For Bahasa Malaysia 1 (LKM 100), add/drop can be done at the Centre of Languages and Translation, within the first week of the semester.

A student is required to check the final list of courses registered at Campus Online Website ( before the ninth (9) week of the semester.

Postponement of Candidature / Extension of Candidature / 
Change of Status / Change of Field /Change of Topic

Postponement of studies
Postponement of studies is only allowed after registration and completion of at least one (1) semester, except for medical or valid personal reasons. The appropriate form (IPS/HEP – 03) is available at IPS or at the respective School/Centre.

Application for postponement can be made to the respective Dean/Director and submitted to IPS.
Postponement (with penalty) for full time students are allowed for a maximum of one (1) semester only, while part-time students can do so for a maximum of two (2) semesters throughout the full duration of their candidature period.

The postponement period will be calculated as part of the candidature period as a penalty. A student will need to pay RM50 to be in active status.
No penalty will be imposed on postponement due to medical or valid personal reasons. 
Schools/Centre can grant a student study leave (without penalty) if the courses required by the student is not offered.

Conversion of status (not applicable for M.Med students)
A candidate can apply for conversion of his/her status from full-time to part-time or vice-versa. Application for conversion must be made using form IPS/HEP – 03 available at IPS. Approval must be obtained from the respective Dean of the School/Centre concerned.

The conversion of status is permitted twice only during the entire period of candidature.

Extension of Candidature
An application for extension of candidature must be made two (2) months prior to the date of expiration of a student’s candidature. 
This application must be made officially to the Dean/Director of the respective School/Centre using form IPS/HEP – 03. The duration for the extension applied must be stated. The completed form must then be submitted to IPS.

The maximum period of extension allowed is two (2) semesters only.

Withdrawal from the programme
Withdrawal from a programme can be made to IPS based on satisfactory and acceptable reasons.

Refunds for all fees (except registration fees and smart card fees) will be made for withdrawals up two (2) weeks from the date of registration.

Change of mode of study (not applicable for M.Med students)
A student must submit a new application together with the processing fees for change of mode of study.

Termination of Candidature
The University has the right to terminate a student’s candidature if proven that the progress of study is not satisfactory.

Reactivation of Candidature
A student must activate his/her candidature within 1 year after termination. 
Application made to reactivate a candidature after 1 year will not be considered or entertained.

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